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ENTRY is a multifunctional product range intended for occasional use.


Stable and easy to carry, ENTRY boards can be used in a wide variety of situations. Whether with family or friends, for a cruise or a first ride, ENTRY provides control and thrills for your first waves.

The 9’4” and 10' have a multifunctional design, are easy to carry and ready to use. Due to its size, the 10’6” gives you more stability for a peaceful learning experience.



ENTRY es una tabla multifuncional para un uso recreacional.


Estable, ligera y robusta, la tablas ENTRY puede ser utilizada en todas situaciones.Es una excelente tabla para la familia y amigos, principiantes o avanzados, en aguas planas o en olitas. Con muy buena construcción y equipamiento, la ENTRY es una tabla durable y agradable al uso.


Precio en MXN: $18,300 MXN

ENTRY 10' x 32"

  • LENGTH: 10'

    WIDTH: 32"

    THICKNESS: 4" 7/8

    VOLUME: 190 L

  • Compact outline
       → more stability and more maneuverability


    Flat deck
       → more stability


    Progressive rocker with Single to double concave into a V

       → comfort while surfing


    Soft rail and sharp tail
       → smooth riding and drive through the turns


    Important nose rocker
       → facility to ride waves

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